Green Hell Gets its First Massive Update Today

Green Hell

Are you one of the many players that have been doing their best to survive Green Hell? Your life is about to get a little more eventful.

The first massive update for the title, Animals, lands today. And unsurprisingly it adds more animals into the mix, as well as plenty of other content too.

As you explore the Amazonian rainforest you’ll now be able to come face to face with bats, Brazilian wandering spiders, tapirs, pumas and more, meaning you’ll need to be more alert than ever. To soften the blow of multiple new dangers being introduced, however, you’ll also find new plants and herbs, which you can use to cure your ills.


The new content added by Animals doesn’t stop there, either. It also introduces a new modular shelter system, new constructions including a food dryer, and new ‘Hunter’ challenge. Basically, if you’ve been enjoying Green Hell, you’ve got a lot to look forward to. And if you haven’t been playing Green Hell, there’s never been a better time to do so. You can buy early access to the game right now on Steam.

Green Hell Animal