How to Activate First Person Mode in Space Hulk: Tactics

One of the surprising features of Space Hulk: Tactics is that, if you’re playing as the Space Marines, you can view the action from a first person perspective.

Sadly, this option doesn’t appear to be available if you’re playing as the Genestealers.

To active this mode, take control of any marine and press up on the directional keypad. You may also find it useful to press “X” to get a through-the-walls tactical view. Turning the Space Marine involves moving a joystick, selecting a direction and pressing the action button to move or turn.


So what’s the point of this mode? Not a lot, really. The mode lets you see through the eyes of your Space Marine but since you’re still limited by action points, it’s merely a cool option to have.

We found ourselves using the isometric view more since, even with the through-the-walls tactical view, isometric mode makes it easier to see where other units are.

Happy alien murdering.