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How to Cook Food in Red Dead Redemption 2

Eating food serves two purposes in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Firstly, it enables you to replenish your health and stamina cores, which is important for your survival. How much food you eat also determines your character’s weight, which has an effect on how quickly your cores are drained.

There are many ways to obtain food. It can be looted from those you gun down down, taken from the reserves back at your camp, and even scavenged from camps and other buildings. Purchasing it from general stores is also an option. One of the best ways to get food though, is to hunt, though you’ll need to cook any meat you obtain before you eat it.

To cook food while you’re out and about, you’ll need to set up camp for a short while. Simply hold the left shoulder button, press the right shoulder button to access the items menu, and then use the right stick to select the camp option on the bottom of the radial menu. You’ll set up camp complete with a fire enabling you to cook. Alternatively, hold down the Y button on Xbox One or triangle button on PS4 to rest, then select to put up a camp.

After selecting the cook option at your camp, you’ll be presented with the items you have available to cook. Select one of them and you’ll hold it in the fire until its done. Then, you can either eat it right there on the spot, or save it for later.

Get into the habit of cooking and eating regularly. Not only will it make sure that your stamina and health cores are topped up, it’ll also make sure you maintain your weight. It really does pay to not become over or underweight.

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