How to Defeat the Shambler in Call of Cthulhu’s Art Gallery

Call of Cthulhu isn’t a game that constantly throws monsters at you but the foes you do face can be a little tricky to handle.

Here’s how to deal with the Shambler, the long-limbed, eyeless monster that you encounter in the art gallery.

First, hide. Despite lacking eyes, the Shambler is surprisingly adept at spotting you. Stay low, and hide behind the available cover as it roams around the art gallery. If it sees you, you can outrun it and duck into a cupboard but it’s pretty determined. It follows a pattern that slowly takes it around the whole art gallery, so be careful.


Next, find the dagger you need to banish it. There are a ridiculous number of daggers in Call of Cthulhu’s art gallery, spread across two rooms. But only one will work. You know when you’ve found it because Edward will remark, upon taking it, that “This dagger looks different.” Even though all the rest look equally different.

The snag is that each dagger is behind glass so when you smash one you’ll attract the attention of the monster. You’re best off grabbing the dagger as soon as you’ve smashed it and then ducking into a cupboard.

The dagger is in the cabinet in the alcove furthest from your starting position, which seems entirely intentional. To get it, go left and to the back of the area when the cutscene ends. Then, go straight through to the second dagger alcove, across the main room. As look at the daggers from the side entrance, the dagger you want is in the top left cabinet. If you need to hide, there’s a cupboard in each alcove.

Finally, once you’ve got the dagger, and the monster is a fair distance away (it’s not that fast), dash to the painting in the middle of the art gallery and use the dagger on it. The creature will be banished (though not necessarily permanently) and you’ll be able to continue your investigation.

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