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How to Enter Space in Starlink: Battle for Atlas

When you’re exploring a planet in Starlink, your ship remains close to the ground. But sometimes, you’ll need to head for the skies in order to reach new areas. Here’s how to do it.

There are two ways to enter outer space in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. The first – and easiest way – is to use fast travel. You can simply head to your map in the main menu, locate Equinox (Starlink command’s main ship), and select ‘Fast Travel’. This will take you into outer space, just outside of where Equinox is. Equinox moves around though, so this isn’t always a reliable starting point.

You can also reach outer space from wherever you are on a planet by simply heading for the stars!

At any point on a planet, you can hit your right shoulder button to ‘Fly’. Hold it down for a couple of seconds to initiate flying mode, and simply aim your ship upwards. After around five seconds of flying, your view will adjust and you’ll be in outer space, ready to head to a new planet.

Be warned though: if you’re on a planet that’s overrun by Legion – the game’s enemy force – you may not be able to take off. Legion-controlled planets tend to be covered in an ominous red mist, so if you find yourself in an area that looks like that, you’ll either need to clear out the enemy, or find a safe part of the planet to take off from.

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