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Starlink Battle for Atlas

How to Fast Travel in Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Starlink is a big game. With seven planets and a whole galaxy to explore, getting around can take its toll. Thank god for fast travel, right?

You can’t fast travel in Starlink straight away – but thankfully, it is possible. It just needs to be unlocked via some upgrades. Here’s how you unlock fast travel in Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

Unlock fast travel in Starlink

  1. Head to the game’s main menu and use your shoulder buttons to navigate to ‘Equinox’.
  2. From the Equinox upgrades menu, go to ‘Warden Research’.
  3. From there, you’ll want to buy the ‘Warden Network’ upgrade. It costs 5,000 Electrum (the main in-game currency) and 1 Nova (essentially an upgrade token).

Once you’ve acquired the Warden Network upgrade, you can now fast travel to any Warden Spire that you’ve previously solved the puzzle of. It’s worth making an effort to unlock at least one Warden Spire on each planet so you can quickly dash around the galaxy.

What are Warden Spires?

Each planet in Starlink has a number of ‘Warden Spires’. These are mysterious structures created by past inhabitants of the planet. Usually, they look a little like a big, old door surrounded by a maze. They’re marked on the planet’s map by a symbol that looks a little like a screw.

Each one has a small puzzle to solve before it’s unlocked, and there’ll usually be a number of enemies nearby to kill first. The puzzles are typically straightforward, and involve using a particular weapon to shoot symbols to move them into the correct position of a pattern.

Once you’ve completed a Warden Spire, and providing you’ve unlocked the Warden Network upgrade, you can then fast travel to that are at any time. Simply head to your map, find the Warden Spire and select ‘Fast Travel’.

Fast Travel can also be unlocked to defeated Outlaw Bases by heading to the Equinox menu, going to ‘Outlaw Barracks’, and purchasing the ‘Getaway Drive’ upgrade. You can also fast travel to Equinox, the Starlink mothership, at any time from your map.

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