How to Find and Upgrade The Kraken in Voyage of Despair in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies

Although you can pull the new Kraken wonder weapon out of the Mystery Box in Black Ops 4‘s Zombie mode, you can also get one of your own by opening the Kraken Chests around Voyage of Despair.

The first time you kill one of the mini-bosses on Voyage of Despair, the giant fiery zombies with big axes/hammers, they’ll drop a key. Take that key to The Galley and you’ll find a chest against the wall. Open it with the key and begin to fill that chest with souls by killing zombies near it:


There are a few other locations on the map where these chests will spawn. You can find one in the Provisions, located below the Poop Deck on the way to the Engine Room.

Another can be located in the state rooms, in the outer hallway:

The other chest is located just above the Cargo Hold. Head down the hole in the floor in the spawn location, or down the stairs if you’ve opened the door, and just before entering the Cargo Hold itself, turn around and look towards the wall, there you’ll see another chest. Fill three of these up with souls and a relic will appear, hinting towards the location of the Kraken. I got a mini telescope, which pointed me towards the front of the ship, where the Kraken was sitting next to a little telescope. Now, you must upgrade it.

Upgrading The Kraken

To upgrade the Kraken, you’ll have to collect four items.

  • The Chamber: You can find this piece in the 1st Class Lounge either on a table near the inside window, or on another table on the inside corner of the lounge.
  • The Barrel: This can be found inside the Cargo Hold in one of two locations: Along the right wall, past the fancy car or behind the main stairs, on a large crate.
  • The Tubing: Located in The Galley either on the brown shelf against the brick wall, or on the table inside the room that’s on fire

From there, you’ll need to find one of the Elemental Zombies that run around the new Voyage of Despair. There are four to choose from: Electricity, Acid, Fire, and Ice. Kill the one you want, and pick up the part they drop. Take the Kraken, and these four pieces, to Engine Room. At the very top of the room, on the right hand side (from the perspective of where you enter) you’ll find a crafting table. You have to use this table to upgrade the Kraken. Build the Ammo Kit, and then spend some cold hard points. You can even swap elements if you want, for a price. Do all this, and bingo! This is all yours:

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