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Red Dead Redemption 2 6-min

How to Increase Your Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Meters in Red Dead Redemption 2

To increase your health, stamina and Dead Eye meters in Red Dead Redemption 2, you need to perform certain tasks in the game.

To increase your health meter, for example, you need to engage in activities that improve your strength. Engage in fist fights and use your bow frequently and you’ll notice your health level increasing. Fishing is a good way to increase your health too.

Increasing your stamina bar, on the other hand, requires you to perform tasks that are strenuous. Basically, you need to run and swim a lot. Go for a good run every once in a while and you’ll find your stamina level raising quite fast.

Finally, to raise the Dead Eye meter, you have a myriad of options. While performing trick shots makes the most sense, you can also increase your Dead Eye level by hunting and crafting. Increasing your Dead Eye level also unlocks new perks, such as showing you your enemy’s vital spots when entering Dead Eye mode.

While you can focus on increasing any one of your health, stamina and Dead Eye meters if you wish, they’ll generally improve naturally as you play. You don’t really need to worry about them unless you feel that one is lagging behind the others. Simply play the game, see how they progress, and maybe focus on improving one if you feel it’s not quite up to scratch.

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