How to Pack-a-Punch in Voyage of Despair in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Mode

Venturing out into the new Black Ops 4 Zombies levels? The massive new Voyage of Despair map hides plenty of secrets. Here’s a quick guide on how to Pack-A-Punch on Voyage Despair.

After you make your way from the starting location to the far end of the boat, the Poop Deck, you’ll see a floating chalice-looking thing above what can only be described as a pile of defilement. Activate it, and all the locations on the map that were currently blocked by red triangles will be opened. These locations house pedestals which must activated. The first one is quite easy to locate, right below the chalice on the Poop Deck:

There are three others to activate. Now that you’ve activated the chalice, the area directly below the above pedestal is now open. Open a few doors, and head down into the boiler room. When you enter, you’ll have to dive underwater and swim towards the far end of the Poop Deck. You’ll want to head to the back right corner of the farthest room, and turn a lever. It’ll drain the water. Pull a 180°, and head to the other end. There, you’ll find another pedestal in the Turbine Room:

From there, head back to the deck and work your way towards the Grand Staircase. Head to the very bottom level of the staircase, which is now open, and you’ll find the third pedestal:

Next, and finally, head to the starting location. In the middle of the floor, below where you started, there’s an opening. Jump down and head into the cargo hold by purchasing a door. Head underwater, swim towards the back of the room (away from the teleporter), and on the right wall (right of the fancy car) there is another lever to turn. Drain the water and the fourth pedestal will be sitting on the far back wall, behind the fancy car. Activate it and it turns into this:

And there you have it! Pack-A-Punch is yours. 5,000 points to upgrade and 2,500 to re-roll the weapon with a bonus perk. Stay tuned to GameSpew for other guides and tips for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, from Zombies to Blackout and Multiplayer.