How to Unlock Challenge Mode in Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party

If you’ve already got your hands on Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch, then you’ll know there’s a bunch of different ways to play the game.

Nintendo even did us loners a solid and included a “Challenge Mode” to the game where single players are able to test their skills in every mini game available in Super Mario Party. Challenge Mode is locked when you first load up the game and it isn’t easy to get. Here’s how to unlock Challenge Mode.


How to unlock Super Mario Party’s Challenge Mode

Here’s the bad news: in order to open Challenge Mode, players must first unlock every single mini game. That means you need to have played all 80 mini games before Challenge Mode becomes available. It’s a big challenge.

However, once you’ve unlocked it, Challenge Mode will appear in the top right section of the play plaza, a bright pink beacon rewarding a job well done. If you’re one that always plays Mario Party with friends you might not care too much about Challenge Mode, but you do have to reach certain milestones in Challenge to unlock a couple of the locked characters, so it’s well worth trying to get it as soon as you can.