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How to Unlock Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

While it’s better to travel everywhere manually in Red Dead Redemption 2 to make the most of its world, the game does have a limited fast travel system. But you need to unlock it.

To unlock the ability to fast travel to towns you’ve previously visited in Red Dead Redemption 2, you need to upgrade the lodgings back at your camp. Simply head on over to Dutch’s tent and access the ledger there. By pressing the left and right shoulder buttons you can view the camp upgrades that are available, and by upgrading the lodgings two times you’ll unlock the ability to fast travel.

If you’ve got the standard version of the game you’ll need to spend $545 to unlock the ability to fast travel, but it’ll be a bit cheaper if you have the Ultimate Edition version of the game. It’s important to note that fast travel is a one way thing from the camp though. You’ll need to travel back to camp by foot or by horse.

If you want to travel between towns quickly, why not make use of the stagecoach? You’ll need to pay off any bounties you currently have on you in order to use stagecoaches, but they allow you to instantly travel between towns for a small cost. Just look for the stagecoach icon on your map to find out where you can hop on one – it looks like a sign with directions.

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