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Soulcalibur VI Inferno-min

How to Unlock Inferno in Soulcalibur VI

Just like fighting games of old, Soulcalibur VI has a secret character for you to unlock.

Inferno is what happens when you give Nightmare a good kicking. He’s quite literally a fiery fellow who’s pretty tough, and you can unlock him for use in arcade, versus and training mode fairly easily.

To unlock Inferno in Soulcalibur VI, all you need to do is complete chapter 19 of the main story in Soul Chronicle mode. It’ll take you about two hours or so depending on your skill level, but you shouldn’t really have any problems. If you are finding it tough fighting against Inferno in the last couple of chapters of Soul Chronicle mode, remember you have infinite use of the Soul Gauge available. It may be cheap to spam Critical Edges, but it works.

With Inferno unlocked, you’ll have brought Soulcalibur VI‘s roster of fighters up to 21. There are a further three characters set to arrive via DLC, too, as well as Tira who’s available now. Try them all to see what fighting style works best for you, then perhaps think about making your own fighter in Creation mode or Libra of Souls.

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