It’s Now Harder to Get Wheelspins in Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 6
Forza Horizon 4

Yesterday, the season in Forza Horizon 4 changed.

Summer changed to autumn, and along with it new events and Forzathon challenges were introduced. Oh, and the Forzathon shop got updated. How could I forget that.

I eagerly logged in to play the game after the seasonal change, itching to earn some Forzathon points by completing the weekly Forzathon Challenge and any dailies that were available. Before I jumped in, however, I took a look at the Forzathon Shop to see what was up for grabs this week. Then it hit me. The cost of Wheelspins had increased.


Previously, Wheelspins could be bought for 10 Forzathon points. They were cheap, but then they often didn’t offer anything too exciting. 10 points felt just about right for them. Super Wheelspins, on the other hand, felt overpriced at 150 points, but at least they sometimes offered you good prizes.

Anyone that logs into Forza Horizon 4 and visits the Forzathon Shop now, will find that Wheelspins now cost a whopping 40 Forzathon points; that’s four times their original cost. To put it into perspective, a player would now have to complete four daily challenges to buy one unless they have unlocked the double Forzathon points bonus. They wouldn’t even be able to buy one with their winnings from a Forzathon Live event.

Thankfully, Super Wheelspins have not had their price increased. But as their price seemed steep in the first place, it’s a small mercy. Hopefully Playground Games will revert the change soon, or at least find some happy medium. 40 Forzathon points for a Wheelspin is way too much considering how often all you win a piece of clothing for your avatar or a novelty horn.