Overcooked 2’s Beachy ‘Surf and Turf’ DLC is a Challenging But Worthwhile Addition

More Overcooked 2? Shell yeah!

Team 17’s hectic multiplayer restaurant simulator is back at it again with the exciting new ‘Surf and Turf’ DLC. After recovering from the unbread incident in Overcooked 2’s main storyline, players have been encouraged to take a nice vacation from the mayhem. This time, you’ll hit the sand in Surf and Turf, with 12 brand new summertime levels that take place on tropical islands, beaches and pools.

New chefs have also been added to Surf and Turf, including a parrot chef and island chef, as well as returning fan favourite, Boof. These new chefs bring along with them two new recipes: kabobs and fruit smoothies. There’s even new mechanics added with the addition of the squirt gun. Quickly clean dishes with it or stoke the fire for your kabobs.

Players that are new to Overcooked may find Surf and Turf’s levels to be overly difficult. With the addition of conga lines, more wacky levels, and the squirt gun, they provide more of a challenge than most of the main game’s levels. My advice? Beat the main storyline before giving the DLC a try. It’s well worth it so you can go in knowing what to expect. Don’t get tide down by the difficulty – throw all that fruit in a blender (watermelon in a smoothie? Gross!) and shove those meat and veggies on a kabob and cook your worries away.

It’s a challenge, but Surf and Turf is a great addition to Overcooked 2. With winter around the corner, it’s a fun way to forget about the cold weather and make you crave those summery foods. Pick up Surf and Turf for $5.99/£4.50 on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Better go now before someone beach you to it!