Project xCloud Will Allow You to Play Your Xbox One Games Anywhere

Project xCloud

Imaging being able to play your Xbox One games on your phone or a tablet. That’s ultimately Microsoft’s vision.

Unveiled today, Project xCloud is all about giving you access to your Xbox One games anywhere. Utilising custom blades that will eventually be scaled up and rolled out across datacenters in Azure regions over time, it’ll allow you to stream games to a multitude of devices, meaning you’ll be able to play wherever and however you want.

Project xCloud doesn’t mean that Microsoft is suddenly going to stop making Xbox consoles – they’re still going to be the best way to experience Xbox games going forward – but it means that you’ll have more ways to play your library of games when you’re away from it. It’ll also allow those who don’t buy consoles to experience the Xbox library. Basically, it’s about expanding the player base and empowering it. Giving them more options.


Public trials are set to begin next year. Microsoft already has Project xCloud up and running, but it wants more time before it lets us have our way with it. When it does arrive, however, it’s promised to be a quality experience. You’ll be able to play with an Xbox One controller via bluetooth, or use touch controls via an overlay. And thanks to low-latency video, you’ll be able to play the latest games without any hiccups spoiling the fun. Or at least that’s the aim, anyway.

To find out more about Project xCloud, visit the Microsoft blog, or watch the video below. Microsoft is aiming high with this one, and we really hope it can pull it off. We guess we’ll find out next year. Though we still with it’d just release a handheld Xbox One. That would be just fab.