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Susie Dent Has a Mobile Game And I Can’t Stop Playing It

Two Words

Susie Dent, the face of Dictionary Corner on Channel 4’s Countdown, has her own mobile game. Naturally, it’s all about words, and I can’t stop playing it.

Two Words is a cross between Countdown and Scrabble. Played head to head, each person gets seven letter tiles on their go. The aim is to make the best word they can out of their letters, and just like in Scrabble, each letter has an individual score – rare letters like Z and J are worth more than Ts and Es, of course.

When the next player takes their turn, the previous word remains on the screen, and the new word must interact with it. The next player’s word can either intersect it or sit at the side of it to form multiple new short words, like Scrabble, or it can alter the original word. If you’ve got an L, you can change a “GRAM” to a “GLAM”, for instance. You’ll score points for your word as well as any alterations you’ve made to the existing word.

It’s a simple idea, but one that’s bloody addictive. Like many competitive games on mobile, you don’t necessarily play against someone else in real time, which means you’ll likely have multiple games on the go. You’ll take your go, and your opponent will take their turn when they’re ready. Starting with 100 tiles between both players, Two Words is over once all the tiles have been used up. There are bots to play against, should you want instant feedback. There’s TheoSaurus and TheaSaurus who offer an easier challenge, Wordsworth who’s a little more difficult, and SusieBot for an all-out word war.

Two Words is pretty simple, but it’s a fun little word game that tests your vocabulary. It pushes you to do better every time, and if you don’t win… well, you’ll just want to start a new game and try again. It’s available for free on iOS and Android. Give it a go. And go ahead and challenge me: my (auto-generated) username is BoldRabbit3.

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