The Dark Pictures Anthology’s Man of Medan Gets a New Trailer

Man of Medan
Man of Medan

Bandai Namco has  released a new Halloween Trailer for Man of Medan – and it looks fantastically chilling.

Back in August when Man of Medan was announced, we were incredibly excited to hear that we’d be getting a chance to dive into another story created by Supermassive Games, the brilliant minds behind Until Dawn. In celebration of today’s spooky holiday, Man of Medan has a new trailer introducing a brand new character: The Curator.

The Curator, much like the psychiatrist that players come across in Until Dawn, is an omniscient voyeur of Man of Medan’s protagonists. The Curator is played by actor Pip Torrens (The Crown and Preacher) and joins previous revealed actor Shawn Ashmore (X-MenThe Following) as Conrad. The main cast for The Dark Pictures Anthology will change between each game, but players will find that The Curator is a constant that can be expected in each title.


When we got the chance to play a demo for Man of Medan we found that it plays very similarly to Until Dawn, but it is definitely its own standalone title. Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games claim that players can expect a brand new haunting experience in this series of cinematic horror games. Man of Medan follows four Americans that set sail in search of a rumoured WWII shipwreck. When things start to go wrong, you’ll be in charge of trying to keep these characters alive – or deciding who will have to die.

Check out the brand new Halloween trailer for Man of Medan below. We’ve no firm release date yet, but Man of Medan will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2019.