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6Our favourite Harry Potter Games (so far?)

Being a muggle sucks, right? No Hogwarts, no broomsticks, no magic.

We’ve all sat and hoped for a half-giant with a thick West Country English accent to appear on our doorstep. Sadly, each year, that possibility seems less and less likely…

But it’s not all bad, muggles! Various game developers (or Defence Against the Dark Non-Magical Life Developers) have created a variety of brilliant Harry Potter-based games, even if the Muggle Studies students of Hogwarts would scoff at these representations of the Wizarding World…

We’ve used our Rememberall to ensure that no great Harry Potter game is forgotten, and thrown away our Quick-Quote quill that Rita Skeeter gave us, all to create the definitive list of Harry Potter great games.

To check out the start of the list all you need to do is swear that you are solemnly up to no good (and maybe click on the next button).

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