The Most Popular Android Games of 2018

Unless you have an iPhone, chances are your smartphone is powered by Google’s operating system, Android.

On that operating system is the Google Play Store, a hub that provides apps, games, and entertainment content for Android devices. Like most smartphone and tablet app stores, games are a huge component of what Google offers for Android. There are literally thousands of games available, ranging from well-known franchises and titles to more obscure independent games. Some are free, others are freemium (free with in-game purchases), and others cost a one-time fee. But which are the most popular games on Android this year?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top games based on popularity in 2018 so far, and provide a brief rundown of what the game is about, how much it costs, and why it’s so popular. Before we begin, however, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re going to be playing games on Android, or any other device for that matter, you might want to investigate the use of a VPN for gaming. VPNs can offer added security, privacy, anonymity – and, in some cases, even access to additional content or faster ping times. Now, with that said, let’s take a look at the most popular games on Android in 2018.

Note that we’ve included the below games in alphabetical order only – their position is not meant to signify one is better than the other. All information is current as of the time of publication, but descriptions, features, costs, and so forth are always subject to change, as per the Google Play store terms of service.

The Asphalt series is a well-respected racing game franchise. The latest version offers 8-way multiplayer races, refined controls, and lots of new maps.  Coupled with a large stable of autos – real models from top manufacturers – this game has all the trappings of a classic arcade or console racing game. You can customise your cars, create online clubs, compete against real players or AI players in over 800 events, and much more.

Free/Ad Supported, In-App Purchases

This reliable favourite remains atop the popular charts in 2018. In Clash of Clans, you build a village, raise your clan, and battle against other players. You can craft an army of melee, spellcasters, and other troops. Build and upgrade the buildings in your village to gain rewards, produce more troops, and much more. Join an existing clan, or create your own with your friends, and compete against other real players around the world. There’s also a single-player campaign, so no matter how you prefer to play, there’s something for you in Clash of Clans.

Free, In-App Purchases

From King, makers of the popular Candy Crush Saga series of games, comes a similar – though distinctly different – game universe. Sequel to the original Farm Heroes, and using the same “match 3” style of all the King games, there are hundreds of levels, different game modes, and lots to do, as you help protagonists the Farm Heroes defeat Rancid Raccoon. If you’ve ever played other King games, you’ll pick this challenging puzzle world up very quickly and easily. Compete against your friends and players around the world with online leaderboards. With lots of storylines and fun gameplay mechanics, this puzzle game provides hours upon hours of unending fun.  Just be warned – it can be very addictive!

Free/Ad-Supported, In-App Purchases

The ultimate mobile version of EA’s FIFA franchise! You can craft your team of 11 from the rosters of over 550 real-world teams.  There are several play modes, including quick 90-second challenges, leagues, campaign mode, and much more. Climb the league ladders and compete against real players from around the world. If soccer is your game, then this game is an absolute must for your Android device.

Free, In-App Purchases

The global phenomena sandbox simulation and building game known as Minecraft finally comes to mobile, with the Pocket Edition. Controls are a bit different than the console or computer version, but will come naturally to players who already play the game.  What’s more, it integrates cross-platform, meaning you can play on a realm with up to 10 friends, even if they’re on console, computer, or other mobile devices. There’s a wide range of add-ons and tweaks to the game that you can make, and things you can buy in the marketplace – skins, maps, texture packs, and more. Like the classic version of the game, you can play in creative mode (infinite resources) and design until your heart’s content, or play in survival mode, where you must harvest your resources, build your defences, and fight off dangerous mobs.

£6.99/$6.99, In-App Purchases

The sequel to the wildly popular Plants vs. Zombies franchise offers 11 new worlds to explore, with over 300 levels for you to battle the undead horde with your skilled plants and garden installations.  New plants and zombies are also present (we won’t spoil any of it here). Between PvZ and PvZ2, the franchise has seen over 200 million downloads, so there’s no question it’s incredibly popular. You can compete on the leaderboards against other real players around the world, too!  Controls and interface are easy-to-use, quick-to-learn, and responsive, just like in the original PvZ. So get to growing your garden of defenses right away!

Free/Ad Supported, In-App Purchases

The multiplayer battle royale sensation that is PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) comes to mobile.  Just as in the PC or console version of the game, up to 100 players participate in an all-out battle on a 64 square km island.  You can find vehicles, weapons, and supplies, and need to work your way to the island centre, as the play area gets progressively smaller. The goal? Like any battle royale, the goal is to kill everyone else, and be the last man or woman standing. The mobile version offers high-quality graphics and sound, comparable to the console and PC version – an impressive feat in and of itself.

Free, In-App Purchases