There Are Very Few Things Weirder Than ‘Weirdest Thing’

In this line of business you come across a lot of weird games.

I mean, I’ve played a game where the entire goal is to poop on people’s heads. That’s not to say that those games are bad – turns out pooping on people’s heads is great fun – but some can be a little on the crazy side. Crazy is good though. Normal is boring. In this case, Weirdest Thing from creator David Mulder is a weird, crazy roller coaster about five strange dudes and their five funky stories.

When you load up the game you’re given the option of five different episodes. The names aren’t very descriptive, one is just called “Bruno”, but they make sense eventually as you play through the episode. You’ll be playing short mini games that pertain to that person’s story. For example, in “God Damn Veggies”, you’re tasked with wrestling open a bag of noodles and avoiding sharp cutlery. All games are playable using only the mouse and left click. There’s no instructions at all so you’re completely on your own, but with enough clicking you’ll figure it out pretty quick.

Weirdest Thing definitely isn’t going to win any awards, but it shines with its humour. Sure, I probably could have done without the game where you have to masturbate under covers and avoid getting caught, but did I laugh? Yes, yes I did. Did my roommates come over and discover me manically clicking while I was trying to hide the screen? Yes, that happened too. And that’s part of its charm. It’s fun, but you don’t really want people to know you played it.

For only $2.99/£2.09 Weirdest Thing is worth a play through if for no other reason than to laugh at the five weird-looking dudes with giblets for noses.