This Year’s Dead by Daylight Halloween Event Might Be its Best Yet

It’s almost Halloween which means that all of your favourite games are getting spooky Halloween updates.

Dead by Daylight’s new Halloween event, The Hallowed Blight, started 19th October, but it’s changing every day for those dedicated players. When you first load up the game after the update you’ll see a new intro video that shows a creepy mystery man stealing “essence” from some strange looking flowers called pustulas. From there, the mysterious figure injects the essence into Dead by Daylight’s beloved killers creating the inspiration for their brand new outfits.

Each day that players load up the game during this event, they’ll be greeted with brand new journal entries from who players believe is the man from the intro video. These entries describe his experience with the pustulas as well as some backstory about The Hallowed Blight itself.

Along with brand new outfits for the killers, the survivors are getting some new looks as well. During the game, both the killers and the survivors can collect from the pustula plants that have been scattered throughout the levels to use towards upgrading or benefiting their characters.

The Hallowed Blight in Dead by Daylight lasts until 2nd November, so be sure to get your favourite outfits and bonus upgrades before the event ends next Friday!