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Tips For Playing as the Genestealers in Space Hulk: Tactics

Have you turned to the dark side and chosen to play as the Genestealers in Space Hulk: Tactics? Here are some tips to help you murder your way through the ranks of the Space Marines.

Know your enemy’s objective. You likely know your own win condition but remember to use the “card” button to check in on your opponent’s objective. For example, it doesn’t matter if you slaughter half their number, you still lose if they still manage the required number of marines to the the blue extraction point.

Convert your cards to Genestealers. While there are some useful cards, you’ll have a better chance of winning if you convert your cards to give you new Genestealers, which you can deploy at respawn points.

Watch out for overwatch. The green Xs on the floor show a Space Marine’s “overwatch”, which essentially means that if a genestealer steps onto or past one of those Xs, the Marines will shoot at you. They may not kill you but they’ve got a good chance.

However, one of the cards that you shouldn’t throw away can help you deal with this. There’s a card that lets you remotely close doors. Use this card to block a Marine’s overwatch.

But, be aware that Marines can shoot through doors. You should always attempt to get close to the Marines without being directly in their line of sight, but if one of them blasts through a door, they’ll be able to see and shoot at you.

Use your movement speed to attack and retreat. Genestealers have far more action points than Space Marines so be ready to rush in, attack once, then back away if there’s more than one Marine.

Surround the Marines if possible. If the Marines are sticking together, and you have more than one Genestealer close, coordinate your creatures you can attack from two or more directions.

Finally, like chess, remember that sacrificing a piece is a valid strategy. If you can use a Genestealer to distract an enemy so one other Genestealer can approach from another direction, by all means go for it. Having an Genestealer walk into an enemy’s overwatch can work, but it’s a risky tactic.

Happy Marine murdering!

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