8 Magical Things We Want From a New Harry Potter Game

Accio new Harry Potter game!

Did it work? No, not quite, but there are big rumours that Warner Bros have a new Harry Potter RPG in the works – there was even a ‘leaked’ video (which could of course be a fake).

Either way, Harry Potter fans are more excited than a Hufflepuff student realising they’ll have someone to cheer on in the Triwizard Tournament (about time they had something to cheer!). After ranking the five best Harry Potter games of all time we’ve taken all of our fondest Harry Potter memories and placed them in a Pensieve to form a new vision: a new Harry Potter RPG.

Like a window shopper at Diagon Alley we’ve taken a little of everything (sadly we missed Lockhart’s book signing) and raised our hopes for the Harry Potter game like a Wingardium Leviosa spell cast by Hermione.

Maybe it does not do well to dwell on dreams, but we’re hooked on the reflection in the Mirror of Erised, and these are the eight things we yearn to see for a new Harry Potter game.

1A vast open world

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood outside a pub and pushed a random brick on the wall, just hoping it’ll be the secret entrance to Diagon Alley. We’ve all dreamt of exploring the Harry Potter world, and a new Harry Potter game would be incredibly successful if it allowed us this opportunity.

The Harry Potter world could arguably be the greatest ever open world setting if done right. There’s so much to explore and potentially see, and this could be a big draw for the game. Imagine being able to visit each location from the books or movies – that’s a Harry Potter fan’s dream.

2Returning characters

Harry Potter has a cast of characters we all know and love. It would be great to see them make an appearance in a new Harry Potter game, and to be able to interact with them. Imagine having to do side quests for Snape in order to earn his approval, and to be able to see more of his dynamic character.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery decided to set the game before the events of the book, but still allowed players to engage with teachers we were familiar with. A new Harry Potter game could follow this option, or set it during the time of the books. Being able to see the events we all know take place from a different point of view would be really interesting. Or it could be set after the events, allowing us to see how Hogwarts changed after He Who Must Not Be Named died.


Yes, we want a new Harry Potter game to be completely open world, but what kind of world would it be without Hogwarts? The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is one of the most iconic locations ever written about, and a Harry Potter game has to allow the player to explore it – we’ll solemnly swear that we’ll be up to no good.

Hogwarts is more full of secrets than Harry and Ron are of sweets after a visit from the Trolley Witch. Being able to explore Hogwarts, and discover all it has to offer, would be incredible. Hopefully Hogwarts is the starting point of the game, but also available in later points too. It’s such an iconic location, it has to be done right.

4Extra information around the lore of the franchise

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 has a new canon story to add to the overall story of Star Wars. It would be great to see a new Harry Potter game do something similar. It could be a different take on the original events, or be a prequel/sequel. Either way, a canon story would add a lot of weight to the plot.

J.K. Rowling is obviously happy to add to the lore of the franchise as she’s written a few books, and most notably a play, since the end of the Harry Potter series. Writing for a game would be a change for the famous author, but her desire to help with the writing of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child implies that she’s happy to move away from her novel writing roots. Let’s hope this extends to games too!

5Quidditch and flying

What fun would Hogwarts be without Quidditch? Well… probably still quite a lot, actually – but Quidditch only makes it even more fun! Despite how fast paced and thrilling the Wizarding sport is there’s only one game based around Quidditch, so flying brooms need to be included in a new Harry Potter game.

But not just for Quidditch, mind you, just flying in general. If a new Harry Potter game does feature an open world then we need a way to explore. Spider-Man has shown how a new and creative way of traversing a big map can be game changing, and broomsticks could be at that level. Remember when you used to enter the flying cars cheat on Grand Theft Auto? A new Harry Potter game could include travel like that, only with brooms… or cars, if you’re a Weasley.

6RPG mechanics

If the leaked Warner Bros footage is legit, then it looks likely the new Harry Potter game will be an RPG. That makes perfect sense. A levelling up system would work brilliantly with Harry Potter – from more powerful spells to more advanced attire, it’s a really exciting option.

All the main Harry Potter stories revolve around someone who is learning: whether that’s Harry fitting in with the Wizarding world, Albus Potter trying to learn how to fit in as a Slytherin, or Newt learning how the American Wizarding World is different to what he’s used to. It would make sense for a new Harry Potter game’s story to build on this and have a protagonist who is learning as they go and levelling up.

7Magic and charm (of course)

Okay, that seems obvious, but the latter films seemed to rarely show how fun it can be to use magic. We need to constantly experience the joy magic can bring in a new Harry Potter game – this will be the big difference between a good and great game. Make every moment charming, and full of different opportunities based on the magic you want to use at that time.

It’ll need to be light-hearted at times, too. All the best open world games have areas where you can just relax and have fun, and Harry Potter provides so much potential for that. Let us drink love potions, make friends and immerse ourselves in the the magical world that Harry Potter has to offer.


We want our own Harry Potter story. Part of what made Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery so exciting to fans was the potential to have your own story in the Harry Potter world. From designing your own character, to picking a pet and forming friendships, choice is so important in a Harry Potter game.

Including important choices in a Harry Potter game could have big consequences too. It could relate to which house you’re put in, what types of friends you make, and which subjects and spells you master first. It’s a world that can fully adapt based on the type of witch or wizard you are, and that’s important in any game with player choices. They need to matter.