Animated Adventure Forgotton Anne Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Square Enix Collective announced today that the animated adventure Forgotton Anne is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Forgotton Anne, developed by ThroughLine Games, is based in the mysterious Forgotten Lands where all lost or misplaced items from the human world are said to end up.

When we reviewed the game back in May on Xbox One we loved it describing the style as “…the forefront of the experience, and it’ll instantly grab you. Forgotton Anne has the look and feel of a 1990s Studio Ghibli animation; characters and environments are brought to life with an exquisite level of detail that’s rarely seen in video games from any studio. It’s a real treat to experience.”

Forgotton Anne is available now on Nintendo Switch with a 10% discount for one week (November 9 – November 16) regularly priced for $19.99/£15.99. For information go to their website and check out the accolades trailer below.