Dragon Ball FighterZ Patch Brings Balance Changes and New Content

Dragon Ball FighterZ Goku (SSGSS)

Still playing Dragon Ball FighterZ? An update released for the game today might make you love it even more.

Alongside a raft of new balance changes, which you can view in detail right here, the update also introduces two new bits of content, with a third set to arrive in the near future.

FighterZ Tournament is the first bit of new content added, an online tournament mode that allows you to fight under a wide range of conditions. Culminating in a final 8-player bracket, perform well and you could find yourself earning rewards, including new Z trophies.

The second bit of new content, The Z Trophy Room, gives you somewhere to display the trophies you’ve earned in FighterZ Tournament. You can invite others to view your trophy room or even visit theirs – it’s just a nice way to chill out and appreciate everybody’s efforts.

Set to arrive on 5th December, the third and final new bit of Dragon Ball FighterZ content will please those who really like to get into the spirit of Christmas. It will feature new festive themed avatars and colour variations for all characters. So, if you like green, red and gold, you’ll be in your element.

You can check out the trailer for today’s Dragon Ball FighterZ patch below.