Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns are Now Playable on Xbox One

Final Fantasy XIII-min

As announced at Microsoft’s recent XO18 event, Final Fantasy XIII and its two sequels are now playable on Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility.

While Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns were already available digitally, Final Fantasy XIII is now also available digitally too, meaning you don’t have to track down a physical copy if you don’t already own it. The games are respectively priced at £11.99/$15.99, £14.99/$19.99, and £19.99/$19.99 on the Microsoft store.

The real winners here are Xbox One X owners though, as all three titles are also Xbox One X enhanced. That means for owners of Microsoft’s mid-gen console refresh the games will look sharper and cleaner than ever. It would have been nice to maybe have a remaster collection for the Final Fantasy XIII games, but being able to play them on Xbox One X with enhancements will do.