Five Reasons Why We Need a New Doctor Who Game

Is there a Doctor on board? There should be.

The Doctor has transcended generations, explored never-seen before planets and saved earth countless times. But, there’s one thing she’s never done before: had a starring role in a great gaming adventure, and it’s about time (lord).

Whovians all across the world have been calling out for an immersive Doctor Who game, and there’s so much potential for it to be great. In fact, the potential may even be like the TARDIS: bigger than first assumed.

So grab your sonic screwdriver and check out these five reasons why a Doctor Who game could be incredible.

1Iconic Enemies

“Exterminate, exterminate” would be enough to send shivers down a Whovian’s back while playing a new Doctor Who game. Whether it’s a Dalek or a Cyberman, the series has some incredibly iconic enemies that would make brilliant villains in a Doctor Who game.

There are also very unique enemies like the Weeping Angels, which you have to continually stare at or they’ll move closer. There’s a variety of different enemies, all of which have unique qualities, and that would make for a constantly unique gaming experience. Especially when the Doctor never uses violence, the player will be forced to defeat the enemies in a different way.

2No Conflict

The Doctor doesn’t allow guns. The Time Lord always manages to resolve a situation without resorting to violence. That’s something very rare in videogames, and could really make a Doctor Who game stand out. It certainly means each episode leads to some intriguing plot points.

Imagine playing a game based around conflict resolution (which is 90% of what the Doctor’s job is) and not being able to use violence. It would make the story that much more important, and the player’s role more impactful. It’s something rarely done in video games involving conflict resolution, but it could be done so right with Doctor Who.

3New Worlds to Explore

One of the biggest appeals of Doctor Who is the potential to see a new world each week. Despite how often the Doctor stays in London, the TARDIS has the ability to go anywhere, and visit any time. Imagine having this potential within a game…

Of course, it’s impossible to have literally every  location in a game, but the developers could easily pick out a few great places to explore – whether on Earth or even on different planets. The ability to not only fast travel between different areas, but solar systems, would be incredibly exciting and something that would make it an unmissable game.

4Choices that Matter

A game with no conflict has to rely on the player’s choices and the outcomes of their decisions. During every episode, the Doctor makes countless decisions which impact a whole population. Sometimes the Doctor is also put in a no-win situation, and their decision means others will suffer. It’s a lot of responsibility for the Doctor.

Games such as The Witcher 3 have demonstrated the power that moral choices can have within gaming. A Doctor Who game has the potential to be the best choice-driven game ever, with endless opportunities for tough moral decisions that could impact a whole planet’s population.

5Choose the Protagonist

Jodie Whittaker has been fantastic in her role as the 13th Doctor, but it’s difficult to say whether she’s the best ever when so many great Doctors have come before her. Since Doctor Who returned in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston, the series has continued to portray creative and engaging Doctors.

Each Doctor has their own quirk, and most Whovians have a favourite from the 13 Doctors due to this. The ability to play as any of these characters would be a fan’s dream and pay homage to the brilliant lineage of Doctors. But, imagine if the game allowed the player to create a 14th Doctor – giving the player a chance to design their appearance and personality. How amazing would that be?