Good Luck Playing Overwatch PTR During Peak Times

Every time a new hero gets added to the PTR in Overwatch I give them a test run. Last night… that just wasn’t going to happen.

Almost everyone that plays Overwatch is excited about the new hero Ashe. Since the Hamster debacle of July, players were discouraged that Overwatch’s new characters were all going to be jokes. It felt as though Blizzard wasn’t even taking itself seriously anymore.

Of course, some people religiously love Overwatch’s 28th hero Wrecking Ball, but most people – most sane people anyway – still find him a hindrance on the game. So, when Ashe was announced at Blizzcon only a few days ago, there was a sigh of relief from many seasoned Overwatchers.


And now that’s she’s been added to the PC’s PTR I wanted to give her a try. Unfortunately, so did everyone else.

At about 10PM EST last night I tried to log on to the PTR and was put in a queue where there were, and I quote, “3000 PLAYERS AHEAD OF YOU”.  Three thousand people ahead of me waiting to get in. 3,000! Three. Thousand. Imagine waiting in a queue of three thousand sweating 12-year-olds drinking their Mountain Dew and telling their moms that they’ll be there in a minute. If you saw that queue, you would run the other direction. And I did. There was no Overwatch PTR for me last night.

So, if you’re planning to try out Overwatch’s new hero on the PTR, don’t do it at peak times. Try it in the morning when the sun is up and the world can judge you for staying in bed and having leftover Halloween candy for breakfast.