Hitman 2’s Final Mission Pokes Fun at Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft

The final level of Hitman 2, IO Interactive’s stealth assassination game, has you dispatching two sisters, Zoe and Sophia Washington.

There’s nothing unusual about that. Until, that is, you play the mission briefing and it becomes clear that the pair are meant to be a jab at Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft.

The final level also features a treasure hunter by the name of Blake Nathaniel, but it’s the game’s description of Zoe and Sophia’s tomb raiding activities that may make you chuckle. The briefing explains that they are:

“..pampered socialites, who get their kicks from treasured socialites. Commanding a band of trigger-happy mercenaries, Zoe and Sophia prowl the world in search for ancient relics. With little regard for local culture or even human life, they stop at nothing to claim their prize.”

Lara Croft, in both her original and post-reboot incarnation, has been criticised for pilfering from various cultures, thoughtlessly murdering people and animals along the way. Her recent incarnation is marginally less guilty of this, but given that Shadow of the Tomb Raider had her setting off an apocalypse, she’s still far from considerate.

IO Interactive was previously owned by Eidos Interactive, who was then bought out by Square Enix – two companies that also happen to have close ties to the Tomb Raider franchise. I wonder what they make of this cheeky ribbing?