Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?! is Another ‘Apeeling’ Adventure

Holy Potatoes! The spuds are at it again!

We’ve had the opportunity to play many of the Holy Potatoes! games, and we’ve really enjoyed them. Most recently I played Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!. They’re very funny, incredibly addictive, and all around enjoyable little games. When I heard that developer Daylight Studios had come out with another starch-filled adventure game I jumped at the chance to see what they had in store next.

This time around is Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?!. You play as twins Ren and Rexa who set up a spy agency to investigate the mysterious disappearance of their parents. As you train your qualified spies, you’ll take on missions to infiltrate enemy headquarters and sabotage their plans while working towards the ultimate goal of finding out what happened to your parents and earning as much $tarch as possible. Because what else are you going to call a potato-based currency?

Each Holy Potatoes! game can be pretty grindy – you’ll do the same thing over and over again to reach your goal. In the case of A Spy Story?!, you have to upgrade your spies’ stats by sending them off to training. Each spy has four qualities: fighting, intelligence, charm, and stealth. In order to train your spies you have to send them to a building specifically made for each quality. For example, if you want Super Maria to get more intelligent, you’ll send her to train at the Pile of Homework building. The more you level your characters, the more equipped they’ll be to handle the infiltrations you send them on.

The biggest downside to Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?! is that there’s no way of knowing what stats you’re going to need for your missions until that mission becomes available. That basically means you have to try and train everyone in every quality ‘just in case’. So when, for example, you get a story mission that requires your characters to have very high stealth, and you haven’t been training them in stealth it becomes very difficult to pull off that mission.

Not a big deal right? Actually, if you fail a story mission enough times it “expires” and you have start over from the beginning of the game or from your last save point. More times than I can count, I’ve lost 30 to 40 minutes of progress from failing the same mission over and over. Argh!

This instalment of Holy Potatoes! might not be as easy as the previous ones, but I still found it to be very entertaining. At least, I did up until the mission that I was completely unable to pass. Maybe by simply giving players a little bit more time to train up between each story mission would be the difference between success and failure.

Either way, fans of the previous Holy Potatoes! games will find A Spy Story?! to be similar in all the right ways and definitely up their alley.

Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?! is available now on PC for $14.99/£12.99.