How Many Missions And Maps Are There in Hitman 2?

Hitman 2 6-min
Hitman 2

While Hitman 2 may not have as many missions as earlier Hitman games, the levels it does have are pretty expansive.

Right now, there are a total of six proper maps in the main game: Hawke’s Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek and the Isle of Sgail.

Hawke’s Bay is a smaller, tutorial map, but there’s still fun to be had there. There are six corresponding story missions, but with Elusive Targets shortly hitting Hitman 2 as well as the user-created Contracts mode, you can tackle multiple targets in each level.


There’s also Himmelstein, which is a Sniper Challenge mission, meaning you can view it from your fixed position but you don’t have the freedom to roam around it. There’s also the promise of additional content such as the two new locations you’ll be getting if you’ve purchased the Gold Edition of the game.

IO Interactive also used existing maps to create new missions for Hitman 1, so you can expect more content to come.

Happy hunting. I’ll leave you to prepare.