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How to Earn Company Coins Fast in Battlefield 5

Battlefield V-min

Battlefield 5 has plenty of goodies to unlock, but you’re going to need some Company Coins first, and plenty of them.

Company Coins, for the uninitiated, is the primary currency in Battlefield 5. It’s what you’ll be using to get nearly anything in the game, whether it be new weapons, weapon skins, new outfits, or anything in between. Lucky for you, they’re pretty easy to come by. Here’s how to get Company Coins fast and easy in Battlefield 5.

Complete Assignments

In Battlefield 5, there are plenty of daily and special events to take advantage of, in the form of ‘Assignments’. They’re broken up into two groups: Daily Orders, which are challenges that reset every day, and Special Assignments, which change on a less-regular schedule that’s controlled by DICE.

Daily Assignments are relatively straightforward, for the most part. Usually, they’ll require you to perform simple tasks, like killing a certain amount of enemies with a particular weapon or the other. Before jumping into a match online, make sure you know which Daily Assignments you can complete, as matches can easily get long in some of the game’s more popular modes. Finishing a few assignments per match can earn you a steady stream of Company Coins, so always keep those in mind.

Special Assignments are more complicated, with one Special Assignment for each class in the game. These will usually take longer to complete, with multiple tasks on each assignment. It’s a smart idea to keep these in the back of your head since these will cash out 200 Company Coins when completed. Try to not stick to one class too often, too, so you’ll have more chances to complete these Special Assignments.

You can always view your progress for Daily Orders and Special assignments, as well, either in the game’s options menu or in the post-game report after every match.

Level Up

The other, and easier way to earn Company Credits in Battlefield 5 is to just level up in the game.

Levelling up in the middle of a match will net you the more considerable sum of Company Credits that just completing assignments. Keep in mind, you level up more than your account-wide rank, but your weapons and gear as well. So, if you’re ever stuck feeling like progress is taking too long, just look for that rarely used weapon that wouldn’t take too long to level up and use it throughout you’re next match.

Chances are if you’re playing the game regularly (enough that you’d even care about earning Company Credits at all), you’ll not need to purchase a credit with real-world money at all.