How to Kill Mark Faba/The Undying, Hitman 2’s First Elusive Target

Sean Bean-min

Sean Bean is here! Sort of. Having been dispatched in more films than we care to count, Hitman 2 offers the opportunity to murder him yourself, as The Undying, the game’s first Elusive Target.

There are multiple ways to kill Mr Bean, so feel free to experiment, but here’s how we did it. This method won’t get you a Silent Assassin rating, but it will ensure that Faba won’t be coming back any time soon. You’ll need a coin for this method (the hit takes place in Miami).

  • Make your way to the exhibition centre reception, to meet your inside contact, a man in a blue shirt who is standing at reception. He’ll inform you that you need a disguise.
  • Walk round the outside of the centre till you see an employee in a grey shirt talking to a woman who works at the racetrack.
  • Use a coin to lure him over to the nearby black trunk, then knock him out and shove him in. Disguise yourself in his clothes.
  • Head back inside and speak to your contact. He’ll escort you to the meeting room.
  • Sit down in the meeting room, and answer Faba’s questions. He’s not onto you, despite his questions.
  • Leave, then find the toilet on that level.
  • Go inside, and flood the sink. Then, lure a suited guard in. The best way to do this is by using coins to get them near the area.
  • As soon as they start to show interest, duck into the toilet and hide in the cupboard.
  • When a guard comes in, try to subdue him. He’ll see you because of the mirror but you should be able to knock him out.
  • Take his clothes, disguise yourself, and return to the meeting room. Remember where the toilet is.
  • Faba will come back into the meeting room. Wait for him to finish talking and follow him when he leaves.
  • He’ll wander into a lab area and start inspecting an explosive pen device. Walk up behind him and press the appropriate button to slam his head into the pen.
  • When the cutscene finishes, run, before the guards can gun you down.. Go back to the toilet and hide in the cupboard.
  • When there’s no-one in the toilet, quickly change into the employee uniform that will still be there.
  • Finally, with no-one any the wiser as to your new identity, walk downstairs and leave through any of the available exits.

You’ve now killed Mark Faba. Enjoy the explosive pen that this achievement has netted you.