How to Open Locked Chests in Spyro the Dragon

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Spyro Reignited Trilogy

If you’ve started playing Spyro the Dragon, which is one of the three games found in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, you might be wondering how you open those locked chests you’ve come across.

The answer is simple: you need keys, but finding them always isn’t always easy. For example, the first level in which you might come across a locked chest is Stone Hill; the chest lies down the bottom of a well in the starting area. Obtaining the key to open it, however, requires you to drop off the ledge behind the exit point for the level. You’ll drop down onto a beach, and to one side you’ll find a cave that not only contains the key, but also some treasure, too.

Whenever you find a locked chest in a level and are struggling to find a key, keep an eye out for any ledges or seemingly out of reach areas. If you can see an area that you’ve not explored yet, check around for any elevated points that are near that you can glide from. Sometimes it might take you a couple of tries to reach a faraway ledge, but persevere – Spyro the Dragon’s platforming often requires you to be pixel perfect.