How to Upgrade and Customise Your Weapons in Battlefield 5

There are a plethora of weapons to use in Battlefield 5, but just as impressive is the amount of ways in which you can upgrade them.

Make no mistake, upgrading your weapons can make a huge difference in the midst of a gunfight. Since you’re able to tweak the options for nearly every gun in the game, it might seem a bit overwhelming. Fear not, we’ve got all the help you’ll ever need right here.

Level Up Your Weapons

The first and most crucial aspect of Battlefield 5’s weapon upgrade system is its levelling of individual classes. To put it simply, the higher the class level, the more guns you’ll have available. Pretty simple, but merely unlocking more levels will do you little good, as you’re going to want to level up each weapon individually as well.

Just as with anything else in the game, the more you use a weapon, the more it will level up. Once you reach level 5 with a weapon, you’ll be able to change its ‘Specialisations’, giving you plenty of room to tweak things to your liking.

Changing Specialisations

So, you’ve got your weapon to level 5 – congratulations! Now comes the nitty-gritty stuff. Each weapon has specialisations that work similarly to a tech-tree. To start changing things on your gun, you’ll need to reset the gun to square one.

Once you’ve reset your weapon, you’ll be able to select your own path along the specialisation tree. Not every gun has every option, of course. Quick Reload, for instance, won’t be found on every gun in the game, though you will most likely to be able to affect certain aspects across the board like gun’s recoil and scope sizes.