Into ASMR? This Darksiders III Promo Might Get You Hot Under the Collar

Darksiders III

Well, this is something that we didn’t expect.

Darksiders III is a little over a week away, and to relax those players who have been waiting years for it THQ Nordic has teamed up with body paint artist and content creator Ruby True to create not one, but five ASMR videos for your pleasure. Not sure what ASMR is? It stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response” – a tingling sensation on the skin that’s supposed to happen when you hear certain noises. Anyway, give the first Darksiders III ASMR video a watch below to see if it has any effect on you.


Did it make you feel tingly? The sound, we mean. We know that the sight of someone dressed up as Fury from Darksiders III might make some feel tingly for other reasons. Honestly, we don’t get ASMR, but good for you if it makes you feel something. And if it does work for you, there’s another four of these to look forward to. Strangely, we’re looking forward to them too, just for the surrealness of it all.

If you’re looking forward to Darksiders III, watch out for our review of it close to its release. Until then, engage in more ASMR if you you find yourself getting stressed out.