Mass Effect: Andromeda is Now Xbox One X Enhanced

Mass Effect Andromeda Romance

We quite liked Mass Effect: Andromeda when it was released early last year.

It had some issues, sure, but it was still an absorbing space adventure that had us glued to our seats. If you were playing the game on Xbox One though, you had to deal with more issues than others, namely a softer image and poorer performance.

In celebration of N7 day, however, Xbox One X owners will have a surprise waiting for them if they still have Mass Effect: Andromeda installed: an Xbox One X enhancement patch. Drastically improving the game’s resolution and smoothing out its framerate, it, along with countless other updates since release, makes returning to Mass Effect: Andromeda very much worthwhile.

Hopefully the original Mass Effect trilogy will get the Xbox One X enhancement treatment at some point. Either that, or EA should just remaster them. We really wouldn’t mind paying for them again if they were done right. Until that happens though, we guess we should just be happy that a game that every Xbox One X owner thought wouldn’t get updated to make use of their fancy console actually has been. That’s got to bode well for the future of Mass Effect, right?