Online Action Game Crossout Receives New Story Mode Campaign

Trying to get your memory back and deal with the apocalypse? Jeez, it is not a good day.

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have announced the launch of the closed beta for the new ‘Adventure Mode’ coming to Crossout. Adventure mode will put players into the world of Crossout in a new way, with story and side missions which can be played solo or with friends.

The story follows the people of the Wastelands who, seemingly out of nowhere, have begun to go crazy, lashing out in a horrible rage attacking each other unprovoked. Anyone that survives wanders the Wastelands with very little idea about where they came from or who they are. You play as one of those wanderers, trying to survive the harsh wastelands and get your memory back.

Players will be able to start adventure mode using any of their vehicles, with enemies based on their current score. There is no time limit, therefore players can pause and return to the story at any time. Starting today, November 30th, adventure mode is available in closed beta testing. Access to the beta is granted to all owners of the Crossout pack “Wholesale Recall.”

For more information, go visit Crossout‘s official website.