Rage in Peace Will Appropriately Make You Want to Rage

Rage in Peace

Just one more try. I can get it. Just one more. Please.

Have you played those games where you die over and over and over again, but you’re determined that you can beat it if you just give it one more go? That’s exactly what Rage in Peace is. There’s no real way to predict how you’re going to die, but it’s going to happen. Over and over and over again. But if you keep at it, if you just keep going, giving it one more try, you’ll beat it. Or, you’ll throw your controller so hard against the wall that it passes through time, going back to the second before you threw it and hits you so hard in the back of the head you forget you ever downloaded the game in the first place.

Rage in Peace is a platforming adventure game from Rolling Glory Jam that relies solely on trial and error and memorisation to beat. You play as Timmy, who finds out that today is the last day of his life. He doesn’t know what time it will happen, but it will happen today, and it will be by getting his head chopped off. Timmy decided that since he doesn’t know exactly when it’ll happen, he’ll just go about his day as normal – and that’s when weird stuff starts to happen. Spikes come out of the floor, lights fall from the ceiling and you have to duck and dodge every bit that’s popping out to try and kill you once and for all.


Rage in Peace forces you to learn from your mistakes and correct it every time you make an error. Did you try to collect that calculator on top of that puddle and get eaten by a shark? Next time, avoid the puddle. Did a ghost come out of that computer screen and chop your head off? Well, don’t log in to that computer.

It’s a fun, but horribly rage-inducing game that is sure to pull you in and force you to forget about your outside life while you play the same parts over and over trying to save Timmy’s life.

If you’d like to learn more about the agony that is Rage in Peace, check out our gameplay of many many deaths below.