Road Redemption Brings Road Rash Style Action to Console

Road Redemption 1

If, like me, you fondly remember EA’s Road Rash games, you might want to check out Road Redemption which landed on PS4 and Switch a couple of weeks ago.

It’s 18 years since the last Road Rash game was released, leaving gamers that like to fight it out while riding a bike unable to get their kicks. And while games such as Road Rage have left a very bad taste in the mouth, Road Redemption actually manages to feel like a true Road Rash successor.

Racing on country roads sat upon an ever expanding range of bikes as one of many riders, you can whack your competitors with melee weapons, stick explosives on them, or even shoot them providing you can pick up a gun. Failing that, you can try to kick their bikes off the road or into incoming traffic. Road Redemption is violent, brutal, and wonderfully gratifying. Whether you’re boosting like a maniac to get ahead of the pack or battling to knock riders off their bikes for bonus cash or health, you’ll be having a good time.


I reviewed the PC version of Road Redemption just over a year ago, stating that “a Road Rash fan really couldn’t ask for more”, and I stand by those words today. Though I’ve recently been playing the PS4 version of Road Redemption and it isn’t quite as stellar as its PC counterpart, which is a shame.

Road Redemption isn’t exactly a stunning looking game on PC, and whether you’re playing on a souped up PS4 Pro or a standard console it looks noticeably worse. The textures just aren’t as sharp, and a lack of anti-aliasing makes everything look edgy. Loading times are a bit long too, leaving you twiddling your thumbs between stages. The saving grace is that it performs okay.

Road Redemption Body 3

I haven’t played the Switch version of Road Redemption so I can’t comment on the performance or visuals of that version, but its pick-up-and-play gameplay is perfect suited to that format. Road Redemption is a game that’s great to have a quick blast on when you want to waste 30 minutes or so. And while you probably won’t make it very far into its campaign, you’ll earn experience which can be spent at the end of your run to permanently boost your rider’s abilities and also give them bonuses.

Ultimately, providing you can live with Road Redemption‘s less than stellar visuals and long load times, you’re in for a treat. And a long-lasting one at that. It’s not a game that you’re going to sit playing for hours in one session, but it’s a game you’ll return to time and time again, continually unlocking upgrades so that your next run might just be that bit more fruitful. Despite its repetitive nature, every time you sit down to play Road Redemption it’s a blast, and that’s all that really matters.

Road Redemption is available on PS4, Switch and PC. It’s also coming to Xbox One soon.