Roundabout is Now Free on PS Plus, And For The Love of God, Play It


Let’s get this out of the way first: Roundabout is not a good game.

In no way could you really describe any part of Roundabout as being a celebrated video game. It’s not. It’s objectively pretty bad. It’s not much to look at, and gameplay is interspersed with full motion video cutscenes that are so cringeworthy your insides will occasionally shrivel up. But still, somehow, Roundabout remains one of the best guilty pleasures of modern gaming.

First up, it’s absolutely hilarious. Sure, the FMV segments might be awfully acted, but you’ll laugh. Oh, how you’ll laugh. Our silent protagonist, Georgio Manos, picks up a bunch of passengers in her limousine, all with their own problems and stories to share. She doesn’t care. She only wants to drive them from A to B, but she’ll patiently listen to their stories anyway. You’ll take people on dates, rush them to important appointments, and listen to them babble on about who knows what. But all that matters is your driving skill.

I say “driving”. Roundabout isn’t a driving game. Sure, you take control of someone behind the wheel of a limo. But Georgio doesn’t drive. She spins her limousine around. Like an out of control baton, you’ll have to navigate her spinning limo around roads, avoiding obstacles like cones and parked cars. It’s absolutely ridiculous but utterly joyful.

Even if you just play it for an hour, I urge you to download Roundabout on your PlayStation 4 if you’re a PlayStation Plus member. Unless you’re completely devoid of humour, there’s no way Roundabout won’t at least raise a smirk.