Screencheat: Unplugged Launches for Nintendo Switch

Find out which of your friends are filthy cheaters in this party game.

Samurai Punk’s chaotic split-screen game Screencheat has officially launched for Nintendo Switch in a fully remastered version called Screencheat: Unplugged. This remastered version of the game has been fully formatted to fit the Nintendo Switch’s console, including new vibrant visual designs, new maps, retooled weapons, new songs for the soundtrack, and much more.

In Screencheat, everyone is invisible and cheating is completely necessary. Players must peek at their opponents screens in order to figure out where they are and take them down using their wacky weapons like explosive teddy bears and hobby horses. Play across 11 levels with nine different game modes.

Screencheat: Unplugged currently costs $12.99/£10.79 via the Nintendo eShop.