Sea of Thieves to Recieve New Free Content Update Tomorrow

Yo ho ho and a bottle of new updates!

Arriving tomorrow November 28, Sea of Thieves will be receiving its fourth free update since the game’s release.

The update is titled Shrouded Spoils and will add fog, an explosive Mega-keg, six new skeleton forts, expanded customisation options and more. The fog is the biggest thing that players will have to look out for as it will seriously impair their visibility while also opening them up to enemy sneak attacks.


When it comes to new items, players can look forward to the explosive Mega-keg as well as Mermaid Statue Gems, and new merchant alliance items. As for the new customisations, players will be given opportunities to switch up their cannons, their wheel, and the capstan with a new set only available for a limited time – the Wailing Barnacle.

Sea of Thieves is available on PC and Xbox One. Pick Sea of Thieves up on Amazon.