Spintires: MudRunner is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Spintires 2-min

Fancy taking control of a plethora of all-terrain vehicles while laid in bed? Spintires: MudRunner lets you do just that.

After finding success on PC, and then on PS4 and Xbox One, Spintires: MudRunner has finally made its way onto Switch. It challenges you to complete objectives and make deliveries across a range of harsh environments, pushing you and the vehicles available to you to the limit.

Arriving this late on Switch has its benefits, too. The recent American Wilds expansion is also included in the package, adding nine new vehicles, two sandbox maps, and more. Needless to say, Spintires: MudRunner on Switch offers the full MudRunner experience that you can now enjoy anytime, anywhere.

If you’ve got some like-minded friends who also own Switches, navigating Spintires: MudRunner‘s open maps in rugged all-terrain vehicles isn’t something you have do alone, either. Co-op play is supported, allowing you and up to three friends to team up and experience the game’s realistic physics together. And, working as a team, you might just be able to achieve your tasks before it gets dark. That’s right, Spintires: MudRunner features a dynamic day and night cycle, and your objectives may get much more trickier to complete when visibility is reduced.

Check out the launch trailer for the Switch version of Spintires: MudRunner below.

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