Sudoku-Inspired Puzlogic is a Simplistic Puzzle Game

Sometimes you just need to take a break from the day and solve some number puzzles.

Puzlogic is a puzzle game developed by Eduardo Barreto and is inspired by the Japanese puzzles Sudoku and Kakuro (cross sums). To solve to puzzles, you simply drag available numbers into the empty spaces.

The catch, much like Sudoku, is that each row and column can only have one of each number. It means you’ll have to try out different combinations until you find the perfect solution.


As you move further on in Puzlogic, you’ll have to be sure that sections of the puzzles add up to a certain number, adding an extra layer of difficulty. It’s still simple maths – but enough to trip you up on occasion. On some of the higher levels, you must also work with numbers of different colours. There are two unlockable stars for each level, which are rewarded for not making mistakes and not using hints.

Puzlogic is very minimalistic but does include a relaxing soundtrack to keep you calm during your puzzling. There are 64 puzzles altogether, with increasing difficulty. It’s simply a great way to relax, or to wake up your brain a little.

Check out Puzlogic on Steam for more information.