The Culling: Origins is Now Available for Free on Xbox One

The Culling-min

Xaviant has had a rather bumpy ride with The Culling.

One of the first battle royale games to hit the market, The Culling launched in 2016 and was received well. Things started to turn sour when further updates weren’t in line with the expectations of players though. One Xbox One port later, The Culling still wasn’t wowing players, and then it was axed.

It came as a surprise then, when The Culling 2 was announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC earlier this year and then quickly released. But it was a disaster. Just over a week after it launched, Xaviant shut it down, promising to return to the original game and make it better.

The Culling: Origins, as it’s now called, has been available on PC for a while now. It’s now also available on Xbox One, too. While it was previously a game you had to buy, however, it’s now free-to-play, allowing you to jump in and try it without spending any money. And you should try it, because it is actually a pretty good battle royale game. All it needs is more players.

You can find the Xbox One version of The Culling: Origins right here. Add it to your account so you can try it next time you have an hour or so free.