The Single Player DLC We Want To See in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 3-min

Sadly, no DLC has been confirmed yet for Red Dead Redemption 2, but there’s so much Rockstar Games could add.

Have you seen one of Dutch’s gang sit by the campfire and tell a story? Or listened to them discuss their hopes and dreams? You should. They’re moments which are both relaxing and poignant. So gather around, reader, and cook some game meat as we delve into our hopes for some DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2.

But, be warned, there are serious spoilers ahead! So if you haven’t completed The Prologue then we recommend you leave and find some meat to help Pearson with the camp stew.

No DLC has been announced yet for Red Dead Redemption 2, and with the release of the online gameplay coming up, it doesn’t seem like we’ll get any news on DLC too soon. Rockstar Games did initially indicate that they would have single player DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5, but in a 2017 interview with Game Informer, the company revealed that the online game “sucked up a lot of resources”. This meant that the single player DLC that som many fans wanted never made it to Grand Theft Auto 5.

However Rockstar also made it clear that it “would love to do more single-player add-ons for games in the future”. Hopefully this is an indication that Rockstar Games intends to create single player DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2. The Endless Summer after The Prologue feels quite boring and empty right now…

Rockstar Games also included an Endless Summer after the completion of Bully, which we feel could lead well into a Bully 2. And the same can be said for Red Dead Redemption 2; there’s still so much potential for this game. We’ve identified five DLC single player additions that Rockstar Games should make.

Did we mention spoilers? SPOILERS! Turn back now if you haven’t completed the game!

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More Arthur

Arthur’s journey was captivating. He’s one of the most well-written characters in any game, and proves that Red Dead Redemption 2 deserves the same recognition as many great films. The ending to his story arc was beautiful, and just perfect, but we want more Arthur. His memory lives on through John and Abigail, and the ring which was once Arthur’s, but Red Dead Redemption 2 could include more memories of Arthur Morgan.

Breath of the Wild built a lot of its story and exploration around finding Link’s forgotten memories. Red Dead Redemption 2 could also add spots to the map where the player gets to witness an important memory from Arthur. But these moments could also be playable parts, allowing us to once more experience the incredible journey and life of Arthur Morgan.

The ability to upgrade the ranch

The reason why this Summer is so Endless is because there’s just not much to work towards; John has a lot of money, but little to do with it. It’s always a fun addition to games when the player can build and customise their own property.

When John met with the local seller of pre-cut houses and barns I’m sure most players were hoping to be able to pick their own choice from the catalogue. Most items in Red Dead Redemption 2 are upgradable, so why should the ranch be any different? The DLC should allow the player to manage the ranch, its profits and turnover, and give opportunities to make money through the success of the business.

Buying new properties

John openly admits that he’s not a rancher, but could he be an entrepreneur? Each city in Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of bustling businesses, and we think that John should be a part of this. The ability to buy a stable, for example, would not only allow for the player to manage that business, but also benefit from keeping the best horses. And imagine John having a monopoly on saloons – that would be amazing.

But it doesn’t just have to be businesses which John buys. Why would a successful businessman continue to sleep in the wilderness? He wouldn’t. Not if the DLC also made it possible to buy new homes. Places that the player could renovate, and upgrade through buying new items from the pre-cut store.

New missions for John

The Prologue was a really fun glimpse into the life of John Marston before Red Dead Redemption. But there’s still so much story potential left for the new protagonist. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game of great moments tied together, and we need more for John after The Prologue.

Dutch’s final appearance was shocking, but also intriguing. Before the story of Red Dead Redemption there’s still questions that need to be answered about Dutch and his motives. More story based around finding Dutch would be thrilling, and the DLC could even include a new enemy. There’s a lot of story left to be written for John Marston.

New gangs

A lot of the events in Red Dead Redemption 2 were built around confrontations with other gangs. But it seems that these crews have now either disbanded or been destroyed, leaving John without much to fight against. It might make Abigail happy, but not us! Surely there’s still a group of outlaws around ready to cause trouble? If not, it’s about time the DLC added some.

One of the best parts to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was the ability to claim territory from other gangs. Any DLC in Red Dead Redemption 2 could use this style of gameplay to add something new for the player to achieve, and then constantly include a threat of the land being taken back. The Wild West isn’t that wild anymore, but an addition of another gang would certainly cause some conflict.