This War of Mine’s Latest DLC, The Last Broadcast, is a Worthwhile Add-On

This War of Mine has done nothing but impress since its release in 2014. Its latest addition, The Last Broadcast, is no exception.

The Last Broadcast is a brand new add-on for the base game of This War of Mine included in the This War of Mine: Stories DLC, all developed by 11 bit Studios. It was been one year since the first portion of the DLC, Father’s Promise, was released.

Written by 80 Days writer Meg Jayanath, The Last Broadcast tells the story of Malik, a disabled radio-operator, and his wife Esma who live in Pogoren, a wartorn city in the middle of the Grazni Civil War. Much like the base game, The Last Broadcast uses these new characters to truly show how war affects people, and how it affects the world around those people.

What makes The Last Broadcast so much more challenging than the main game is Malik’s injury. Being unable to walk quickly or even traverse stairs, Malik is forced to stay on only one floor of their home, working on his broadcasting and anything that is on his level. Esma, on the other hand, is perfectly well and is forced to do most of the work around the house, including feeding and giving information to Malik that he can then broadcast on his radio. Esma must also do all of the scavenging during the night since Malik cannot go out  – making it so that she rarely has energy to get things done during the day. It makes for very challenging strategising that will force This War of Mine veterans to rethink their old play style.

This War of Mine: The Last Broadcast is similar in many ways to the This War of Mine base game, but with the addition of the heart-wrenching story and characters that you’ll find yourself really rooting for, it makes for a worthwhile experience.

Pick up This War of Mine: The Last Broadcast on Steam on November 14 for $3.99 USD. The season pass will be raising in price from $4.99 to $6.99 due to the addition of the second DLC, so pick it up now before the price change!