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This Week, We ‘Ave Mostly Been Playing… #22

Pokémon Let's Go

Happy Thanksgiving week, our American friends! And happy Black Friday week to everyone else.

While we’ve (mostly) ignored it here on GameSpew, most of the internet has been taken over with SHOPPING FEVER. Hopefully if you’ve been suckered into buying anything, you’ve at least got a decent video game deal. There have been some ludicrous offers on consoles. Alas, we’re already all set here and already have too many games to play without buying anything new.

Without further ado, here are the games that have been keeping us warm on these dark November nights. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Rich: This week I’ve been spinning. Spinning here, spinning there, spinning everywhere with my overpowered Barbarian in Diablo III: Eternal Collection on Switch. Torment XIII difficulty has been conquered, Greater Rift level 70 has been smashed, and so now I’m on the hunt for Primal Ancient items. Wish me luck.

When I’ve not been a whirling dervish, I’ve been having a terrible time with Fallout 76, taken my first steps into the world of Pokémon with Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu!, and faced the horrors of war in Battlefield V. Eurgh, I’ve just had another Fallout 76 flashback. Pass me the sick bucket!

Diablo III Switch 1
Diablo III

Kim: My Switch is, surprisingly, the console that’s had the most love from me this week. That’s because of Diablo III, which has become our household’s new favourite nighttime activity. I’m playing as a Monk, a character class I’ve never really given much attention to in all the other times I’ve played the game. I’m woefully underpowered compared to Rich’s ridiculous spinny Barb – Torment II is about all I can manage – but I’ll get there. Maybe.

I’ve also been playing a lot of Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee. Apart from one of the early Game Boy entries when I was a kid and a bit of collecting in Pokémon Go, it’s the first Pokémon game I’ve got properly into. I’m enjoying it, although there are a few annoying things about the game. Just let me play it with my Pro Controller, for pete’s sake.

On Xbox, I’ve been enjoying SteamWorld Dig 2, although it’s a lot harder than I remember it being! Still, it’s a great little metroidvania, and I’m having fun digging for gems and upgrading my character. I’ve also played through another Artifex Mundi game: Grim Legends 3: The Dark City. What can I say? Hidden object games are my guilty pleasure.

Pokémon Let’s Go

Becca: This week I’ve been playing loads more Dead by Daylight. I’ve had a cold the last couple of days and there’s nothing that quite gets you out of a funk like killing random strangers. The only other game I’ve had time to play this week is Danganronpa. My best friend lent me their PS Vita for my eight-hour trip to Tennessee to visit my parents for Thanksgiving so I played that for HOURS on the journey and am finally about to beat it. They also gave me the second Danganronpa in case I finished the first and had a hankering for more drama! And who am I kidding? I love the drama.

I also got the opportunity to review an adorable platformer/puzzle game, My Memory of Us which tells the story of a boy and a girl and how their friendship developed in a war torn world. My Memory of Us is a great game to pick up for anyone who played and enjoyed Valiant Hearts: The Great War; it has a lot of similarities. Of course it did a lot of things differently that were fantastic such as its use of colour – the game is mostly black and white with pops of colour here and there to emphasise certain things. The characters are simply adorable and the story is charming and heart wrenching. Overall, it’s a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it.

My Memory of Us

Stan:  They say that the week after a break up is the hardest. And it’s been really hard for me this week. Now that I’ve completed Red Dead Redemption 2 I feel empty. Emptier than the stable in Saint Denis after I accidentally killed each horse I bought (turns out white horses can’t jump). I’m hoping for some single player DLC to be announced, but nothing yet. I’ve even written a list of things that would make for great single player additions.

If only there was some beautiful music playing in the background as I stared into the distance… that would perfectly sum up my emptiness. And that’s all that is missing from the Life is Strange comic from Titan Comics too. Apart from that it’s a great read, and well worth checking out! Now if only I had Max’s power so I could replay Red Dead Redemption 2 without already knowing the ending.

Life is Strange #1 from Titan Comics

Jack: This week I’ve gone down a dark, dark road. FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. Mostly doing Squad Battles and building up some coins for the Squad Building Challenges; I am totally unprepared to face other players online right now. Career Mode’s lack of changes has led me here, and so far I’ve mostly managed to avoid spending money on FIFA Points – only £5 to test it out (bet that’s what they all say).

When I’m not on FIFA, I’m still pottering about on Red Dead Redemption 2. I’m still right at the start of chapter 2 and enjoying hunting, exploring, and side quests more than doing any story right now; similar to GTA V really – I’m not bothered by the story. Despite owning GTA V on three different systems I never got close to finishing the story on any of them. I’ll get round to it, and probably after I’ve gotten a PS4 Pro and 4K monitor.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Header-min
Red Dead Redemption 2

Chris: Aside from catching the villain, second time around, in The Shapeshifting Detective, I’ve jumped back into Red Dead Redemption 2 and am getting sucked into the storyline, more so than with other Rockstar games. I’ve also given Hitman 2 more of my time, successfully murdering Sean Bean. Though I regret bingeing on the game, something you couldn’t do with the original’s episodic release. So I’m replaying the game and actually spending serious time on each level which has proved more rewarding.

Hitman 2 6-min
Hitman 2