Ubisoft Announces Movie and TV Adaptations for Two Games

Ubisoft has announced that it will be doing a live-action TV series based on Child of Light –and a film about Werewolves Within.

In an exclusive interview with Variety, Ubisoft said that these adaptations are products of its Inaugural Women’s Film and Television Fellowship. This program is said to encourage and support female voices in the entertainment industry.

The two women that received the fellowship were given access to Ubisoft’s library of games. Fellowship winner Mishna Wolff is scripting a movie for the 2016 virtual reality game Werewolves Within while Tasha Huo is writing a TV series for 2014’s role playing game Child of Light.

The second year of the fellowship started yesterday, November 1, when Ubisoft began taking applications once again. Just like year one, two participants will be selected and allowed access to Ubisoft’s library as inspiration for their project so look out for more cool announcements in the coming months.